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Allocare Physiotherapy

At Allocare we have skilled practitioners who precisely evaluate and treat disorders of the human body by using physical means. Our team consults and works closely with the patient’s physician in establishing the treatment objectives that are realistic and consistent with the patient’s needs. Allocare team plans organize and direct programs for patients of all ages who are disabled by illness by accident or were born with a physical challenge. Allocare Physiotherapy department has a treatment room which have 8 beds including 2 traction beds, all these beds can be used for treating patients mainly as an out-patient clinic.

What if I can’t visit Allocare clinic?

Relax; Allocare Health Group brings expert physiotherapists to you at the comfort of your home, providing patients with treatment that is affordable and convenient. We are proud to be the online services that allow our patients to connect with expert physiotherapists in the comfort of their own home.





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